August 1, 2022

How To Choose The Best Construction Estimating Software

Nexvia is the best construction estimating software in Australia, helping contractors make faster, smarter decisions. Here's why this tool is right for you.

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Are you losing too many construction build projects to your competitors? Or do you want to maximise your company’s bidding and cost estimation process? If so, it’s time to incorporate construction estimating software. An estimating program will help you accurately calculate costs and mitigate risk even before placing a project bid.

A construction estimating software tool will help your company with up-to-date pricing information, highly accurate estimates, effective cost databases and enhanced collaboration. Here’s a guide on how to choose the best construction software in Australia.

What is construction estimating software?

Construction estimating software is exclusively designed for contractors to estimate the construction costs for a specific project. This helpful software is used by architects, construction managers, engineers and other professionals in the building and construction industry. This software typically includes a database of cost data for various building materials, labour, and equipment and a user interface for inputting specific project information and generating an estimate.

Construction estimating software can be used for various projects, from small home renovations to large commercial construction projects. Accurate cost estimating is essential for all types of construction projects, as it can impact the budget and schedule for a project. Construction estimating software can help create more accurate estimates, leading to better project planning and execution.

Importance of construction estimating software

The demand for cost estimating programs have gradually increased across various industries. In construction, estimating software plays a significant role in evaluating costs before project bids and while planning resources and budgets for builds. Construction estimating software has increased collaboration, transparency and processing times and significantly reduced procurement cycles and project timelines.

Key benefits of using the best construction estimating software

Construction estimating software assists businesses in accurately calculating labour, equipment, materials and other additional construction costs. It helps you plan and focuses your time, effort and resources on core tasks. Here are a few benefits of adopting the best construction estimating software:

  • Accurate forecasting — Construction estimating software uses trusted historical bidding data and estimating tools to predict proposed project costs accurately.
  • Trusted data — Cost estimating programs help evaluate each construction project’s feasibility as per your company’s profile and capabilities before you begin your project bidding process.
  • Feasibility preview — Estimating tools and programs help identify project estimates based on your company’s available resources.
  • Risk avoidance — Cost estimating tools are an effective way to help manage, analyse and predict risks and prevent significant losses in the future.
  • Collaboration support — Estimating programs enhance collaboration and encourage stakeholders, including architects, contractors and managers, to collaborate seamlessly for overall performance.
  • Instant updates — The best construction software programs are highly detailed and can be easily modified with new calculations and factors for real-time cost estimation.

Four main features of the best construction estimating software

Elevate your business functioning and efficiency with state-of-the-art construction estimating software geared towards your company’s growth and success. Here are a few features every good construction estimation software should have:

  • Local cost data
    It’s important to understand the local costs of construction processes, including transport and supplies, rather than having a national average cost. Access to local cost data helps companies and builders plan better and more efficiently.
  • Cloud-based estimating and takeoff tools
    The best construction estimating software is easy to use and access from any browser or device. This makes it a go-to option for remote teams working on large-scale projects from different locations.
  • Prebuilt assemblies
    Having a set of pre-saved assemblies, lists or groups helps save time and effort. Prebuilt assemblies can also help speed up processes through specific groups for commonly used supplies, such as plumbing or electricity supplies.
  • Link sharing for clients
    Another essential component of the best construction estimating software is that it gives full access to builders and construction teams to share links with clients and other project stakeholders easily. This also includes downloadable links, real-time viewing updates and email notifications.

Functions you should expect from the best construction estimation software

Modern and innovative construction estimation software programs can help industry professionals perform various tasks and estimation functions, including:

  • Job cost estimation
  • Payment tracking
  • Report generating
  • Phase analysing
  • Tracking building schedules
  • Inspection cost estimates
  • Engineering costs

Nexvia’s construction estimation software features

If you’re looking to increase your project’s profitability, Nexvia has the best construction estimation software. Tailored for construction professionals, the programs can calculate early costs and estimates based on the budget for tenders and bids. The various estimating functions you can perform with the Nexvia software include:

  • Generate estimates and budgets
  • Formulate quick and easy scope of works
  • Send and track tender invitations
  • Compare bids and tenders
  • Access historical library data of fixtures and services
  • Build and compare quotes in an easy format
  • Estimate approval controls

Choose the best construction estimating software in Australia with Nexvia

If you’re looking for the best construction estimation software in Australia, we’ve got you covered. As one of the country’s highest-rated construction management software platforms, Nexvia provides fast access and intuitive solutions for all construction and manufacturing industries. Dedicated to solving real-world problems, our construction software is exclusively designed to take the stress out of construction management and cost estimation. 

With our software and tools, you can strategically plan your project bids, estimate costs and budgets and collaborate with your team and stakeholders efficiently — we can also seamlessly export and import data for Cubit, Planswift and Plangrid. If you have any questions, need a customised software quote or want to learn more about project cost estimation tools, get in touch with us today — we’ll be happy to help!

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