June 29, 2022

How Automating Software Can Free Up More Of Your Time In Construction

Automation has & continues to play a great role in the construction industry. Some of the benefits include time & cost savings. Read our blog for more insights.

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In the modern world, automation plays an increasingly important role in many industries, including the construction industry. Automating tasks reduces time, cost, and manual effort — it naturally reduces the likelihood of human error and increases efficiency.

Put simply, automation frees time for businesses to focus on primary objectives — rather than manual, repetitive tasks. So, what is automation in construction, and how does it benefit this industry specifically? Let’s take a look.

What is automation in construction?

When it comes to automation in construction, the scope is relatively broad — automating can extend from the initial planning stages of a project to the operation and maintenance of the final structure. In fact, automation in the construction industry covers a huge range of uses. Some of its more commonly-seen uses include autonomous machines, drones and robotics on worksites that reduce the need for manual labour. It also encompasses data collection and processing sensors. And thanks to advances in tech, it may even include virtual reality systems and comprehensive construction management software systems, such as Nexvia’s cloud-based centralised platform.

Automation software for construction companies, such as Nexvia’s leading solution, is a highly viable option for effective automation.

Automation in the construction industry drives business growth

There’s no doubt that automation helps drive business growth by allowing companies time to focus their efforts on core goals rather than manual and time-consuming tasks.

But having the right automating software is vital for helping such companies achieve automation. A good automation software system allows you to simplify and streamline all of your processes, manage clients and contractors, and connect crucial stakeholders — all on one platform.

Manually managing all of the tasks involved in construction is simply not a viable option for a company hoping to win more projects, improve its bottom line, and ultimately grow. Utilising a centralised automation platform will save you time and help build your reputation as a reliable business, increase customer satisfaction, and keep you ahead of the competition.

Advantages of automation software for construction

As we’ve just learned, automating software is a vital component of automation in construction. Here are some key advantages of automation software:

  • Increased efficiency and profitability — A reliable automating software system, such as Nexvia, provides a collection of tools covering pre-construction, budget control, and project management, all aiming to streamline processes and increase profitability.
  • Transparent communication and collaboration — Cloud-based software like Nexvia effectively connects the office to the worksite. All communications are kept in the one centralised platform, and all stakeholders are consistently in the loop.
  • Full budget and project visibility — A professional automation system provides complete visibility to contractors regarding all project details, including scheduling and budgeting. Therefore, potential problems can be spotted before causing unnecessary delays or increases in costs.
  • Live tracking tools and data — Live budget tracking, comprehensive defect management and variation tools mean that essential data and information are consistently updated and can be checked throughout the day. Nexvia’s cloud-based software is suitable for both desktop and mobile use for ease of use.

Who can benefit from automation software for construction?

Anybody involved in either managing or undertaking construction projects will benefit from automation software for the construction industry. This includes project managers, builders, contractors, architects, project team members, building owners, other stakeholders and construction professionals.

Each user will likely have different requirements — project managers need to oversee progress, members of the project team need to communicate, and stakeholders like to have confirmation that the project is running on time, and without obtrusion.

Accordingly, Nexvia’s centralised platform has been developed for residential, fitout, specialty contracting, construction and fabrication companies in Australia and New Zealand that are looking to gain greater transparency, increase efficiencies, and deliver better projects. Our flexible, tailor-made solutions suit a diverse range of business types and industries.

Choosing the best automation software for your construction business

There are several points to consider when deciding on the best automation software for your business:

  • Usability — Ensure that the platform has the capacity to be used effectively by your business and project teams. Nexvia’s platform provides a simple user interface, a mobile app for increased accessibility, and well-suited for companies with quick project turnaround times.
  • Budget — Ensure that the platform will provide a consistent return on investment (ROI), now and into the future. At Nexvia, we can provide you with a detailed cost estimate and information pack based on the specific needs of your business.
  • Integrations — Ensure that the platform integrates with your business’s software and needs. Nexvia integrates with Xero, MYOB and a host of other programs.

Nexvia – your number one choice for automating software

Are you looking to free up more time and drive true growth within your business? With Nexvia’s cloud-based construction management software, you can do just that. Our leading centralised platform is equipped with a range of tools, all designed to streamline your project processes.

At Nexvia, we’ve been developing project management and business software for over a decade and have partnered with the construction sector to bring you our leading cloud management solution.

Our easy to use platform is a fully integrated automation solution for your business, from tendering and estimation, contractor and client portal management, production management, and complete project management.
If you’d like to learn more about how Nexvia can help automate your business processes, request a tailored Nexvia demo, or get in touch with our friendly team today!

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