Customer Management Software


Make the most out of your customer opportunities and accelerate your growth with Nexvia’s lead management, dashboards and reports.

Customer Management Nexvia


Smart customer solutions

Manage your customer pipeline from prospect to handover with an easy-to-view dashboard of activities, conversions, stages and sales goals.

  • Lead phase management and reporting
  • Track Lead Stages
  • Lead source reporting
  • Sales forecasting
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Contractor Project Management Software


Give your contractors one central platform to access and submit project information.

  • Easily submit tenders on one central platform
  • Create purchase orders and log bills
  • Access to project dashboards with overview of key information

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By providing you with a comprehensive tool to manage every aspect of your project, our cloud-based construction project management software offers a number of important benefits to your business.

  • Improved productivity — Your team will be able to log in on their computer or mobile, ensuring that individual workers and managers know exactly what needs to be done at any stage of a project. You can also set up email reminders and task alerts to make sure that no job is ever overlooked or forgotten.
  • More effective compliance procedures — With a central document register that can be shared among clients and contractors, you will find it much easier to keep track of and address issues. Nexvia is an Australian construction project management software, which means it has been designed specifically for the Australia and New Zealand environment.
  • Tighter control of costs — Live budget tracking makes it easy to spot cost issues as and when they occur, enabling you to deal with them before they have the chance to affect your project profitability.
  • Efficient variation and defect management — The variation and defect management section in our construction project management scheduling software, enables you to open, track and close cases. All authorised personnel can access the variation and defect management tool — making it easy for you to coordinate actions across your whole team.
  • Easy site safety management — The OH&S, time tracking, load lists and site questions section provide a simple and effective way to manage site safety issues for all projects you are working on.

Nexvia can be used for many different types of projects. Whether you are looking for residential, fit out, manufacturing or specialty contracting / commercial trades project management software, Nexvia’s software streamlines the entire project process. With many years’ experience in the local construction industry, we are proud to have developed a project management software for construction industry companies in Australia and New Zealand designed to meet our countries’ specific requirements.

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