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To allow for the smooth running of projects with better practices, project management software is a must. Working in building and construction means there is an enormous amount of information, finances and data to keep track of. With the right software, you can track and store every piece of vital information, and have all the tools needed to manage your project at your fingertips.

Orbis Pro has been designed specifically for businesses within the construction and building industries. If you’re interested in using project management software, you can trial it for free with Nexvia.

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Orbis Pro brings together all parts of the business to the one place.
You can manage your business, finances and CRM from the same convenient platform.

Orbis Pro takes care of:

    • Estimating and Tendering
    • Project Management
    • Contractor and Client Portal
    • Field Management
    • Sales CRM and Operational Tools.

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Benefits of Project Management Software

While some may see software as just an additional expense, it’s a necessary one. Utilising project management software helps determine the success of a project and is useful for a range of reasons:

  • Ensures project goals align closely with the business’s goals
  • Defines a clear line of accountability and reduces confusion of who’s in charge of what
  • Objectives and strategic goals are made clear
  • Allows for achievable expectations to be set
  • Quality control at every stage
  • Improves risk management
  • Documents and tracks every process
  • Identifies mistakes and makes for better learning.

Your construction business will improve its processes and reap the many benefits by using the Orbis Pro platform.

A trial is a simple way of knowing you’re happy with your chosen project management software before purchasing. If you’d like to demo our project management software, we’d love to hear from you.

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