May 27, 2020

3 ways to help your business bounce-back after lockdown

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3 ways to help your business bounce-back after lockdown

As state governments prepare to pull the trigger on a number of shovel-ready projects it’s time to get back on site. Now more than ever, you’ll need to operate safely and efficiently while sticking to strict new regulations. Project management tools that help you document, communicate and reduce risk will make your jobs sites safer and allow you to adapt to the new working environment.

1) Solving old & new problems with construction project management software

During lockdown, technology helped many businesses maintain their bare essentials. Now, it’s time to put it to better use. The right software can improve your basic processes, maximise your time and increase your profitability on jobs. 

Even little changes to the way you work can have a big impact. For instance:

  • Sending daily digital reports using real-time data will lead to better, faster, decision-making;
  • Improved record-keeping will enable you to plan for delays as well as supply chain, labour or material shortages; 
  • Access to live data can help your teams identify problems early to create contingencies and minimise risk. 

We could go on and on! While there’s no single software that can make all your headaches disappear (don’t believe anyone who says differently) a cloud-based, scalable construction project management software, will go a long way to helping. 

2) Job site tools to comply with new policy & safety procedures

At a time when worker safety is everyone’s top priority, it’s crucial to have accountability at every stage of your build. Mobile tools can help your site teams work safely and methodically with little disruption. 

Virtual OH&S tools that can help:

  • Site audit & custom checklists: monitor job site cleanliness, security, safety, preparedness etc.
  • Incident reports: capture and report any illness or injury as soon as it happens
  • Response register: instantly report your response to incidents and detail the actions taken. Automatically sent to OH&S staff 
  • Site safety documents: 24/7 access to all necessary project safety documents
  • Pre-qualification documents:24/7 access to all important pre-qual documents including insurances etc.

3) Communication tools that are just as good as face-to-face meetings 

For many people, face-to-face meetings are still impractical and there’s concern about how COVID-19-related issues will impact budgets and timelines. That’s why having an online client and contractor portal could be your game-changer. It lets your key stakeholders track every detail of their project and collaborate with you in real-time. 

Even if your clients can’t make it to site inspections, by seeing their project’s progress documented online they’ll know exactly what’s happening and why. They can log-on to communicate with you, view or make payments, sign documents, review project schedules, and more. This visibility is vital to building trust and will help you avoid awkward conversations or disputes over unscheduled changes. 

The future

As we come out of isolation and head back on site, construction project management software is the tool you need to keep your projects going and growing. Smart cloud-based software will make your worksites safer, ensure everyone is on the same page and help revive your business for the future.

Talk to the Nexvia team today at 1300 942 399 or Request a Demo to find out how our software’s project management tools can help your business bounce-back.

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