February 9, 2022

Customer Success Story | HBK Building

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See how HBK Building has been able to work more efficiently and accurately with Nexvia. From precise estimating and quotes, through to extensive client reporting.

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HBK Building

Customer Success Story

About the business

HBK is a full-service remedial building company that provides a diverse range of services including structural repairs, waterproofing, replacements and maintenance.

Nexvia have been lucky enough to have the incredible team from HBK Building Group for a number of years now. Hamish, Michael and their team have very much immersed themselves in Nexvia, always seeking to use the platform to its full potential.

We asked the team to share a little bit about the impact Nexvia has on their business and their top 3 projects completed this year.

The processes HBK like most about Nexvia?

Nexvia has allowed us to build a systemized way of coping with small to multiple large projects. We’ve been able to tailor priced kits to suit our business, which has allowed us as a business to work faster. Ensuring our estimations or quotes are precise and have allowed us to become more accurate in cost tracking throughout all small and larger projects.

HBK utilises the system to engage more with our clients, keeping them informed and providing them with an extensive client report. Nexvia has provided a platform of multiple areas to allows us to use the system to cater to what’s best for our business. Providing us to track live costs throughout a project as this is a major part required in the building industry, as well as the usage of work flows, project management to name a few.

How has Nexvia been valuable in providing support to your business?

Nexvia provides us with regular support, they have a fantastic team of experts that are able to break down the language of IT and Systems when talking to you and make it easy, clear and precise to understand when they speak to you, as a business none of our staff have walked away saying I still don’t get it, which is a great success to them and how strong they’re at communicating. Nexvia is amazing at keeping in touch and will call or email you back straight away if you’re needing their help. All the technicians are great at knowing what was discussed and if you spoke to another technician so you’re not having to repeat yourself which makes the process that much easier.

HBK Project Highlights

Project: Bathrooms and Kitchens

Location: Waverly

Job Duration: 1.5 Months

HBK designed a new look for two bathroom and kitchen. Our client wanted an upgrade for both areas and wanted new modern appliances to finish the look. One of the requests was to keep the kitchen layout the same but ensuring to make the space look more open with clean lines, keeping a monochromatic look throughout the bathroom and kitchen to keep the theme throughout. The bathrooms we created a more open plan the materials for the vanity and shower and bath we choose materials that would be substantial around small children and easy to clean but still creating that modern touch.

Project: Strata Building Project

Location: Chippendale

Job: Balcony Waterproofing

This project had a leaky balcony and required rectifying. The masonry needed replacing and the base of the flooring required new waterproofing. We replaced all waterproofing and put in new neutral toned tiles. With a new screen in front of the balustrades hiding the exposed air conditioning units. To create a new fresh ambience for the tenants to enjoy.

Want to see how Nexvia can help your business?

Our team are on deck to give you a tailored walkthrough of Nexvia’s modules and capabilities. Simply book in a demo at a time that suits best.

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