October 13, 2023

Top Features to Look for in a Building Management Software

Explore the importance of choosing the right software for your business and how Nexvia’s key features are designed to address builders needs.

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Select the perfect building management software for your needs

In today’s dynamic construction landscape, building management software isn’t just an asset; it’s a vital necessity. With construction projects becoming larger and more intricate, the challenges you face – from communication barriers to operational hiccups and inefficiencies – have magnified. That’s why selecting the perfect building management software, custom-designed to address these precise challenges, is paramount.

This blog aims to delve into the significance of construction project management software, and shed light on the challenges faced by builders and contractors when managing construction projects. We’ll explore the importance of choosing the right software for your business and outline how the software’s key features are designed to address your needs.

Relying on outdated tools could be your downfall

If you’ve ever felt the headache of using outdated tools to manage your construction projects you’ll understand the pain. It’s like trying to build a house with a toolbox stuck in the last century! Inefficiencies become the norm, miscommunication becomes a daily challenge and delays pose constant threats to your project timelines. Relying on outdated tools isn’t just frustrating – it can be catastrophic; resulting in financial losses, strained client relationships and poor project outcomes.

Sadly, many in the industry still find themselves chained to outdated or fragmented tools. Our age-old industry practices – once reliable companions – are no longer reliable in the face of rising demands. Beyond the glaring issue of time waste, the deeper pitfalls are even more concerning. By not leveraging comprehensive software, you risk losing substantial profits, clients, and consistently experiencing below-par project outcomes. The game is changing and it’s time to ditch your old systems and habits and consider more comprehensive software solutions.

Nexvia is a tailor-made, comprehensive solution crafted specifically for the Australian market

Introducing Nexvia – a game-changing solution designed to tackle the challenges you face every day in the construction world. It’s important to know that not all building management software solutions are created equal – and that’s where Nexvia strides ahead. It’s not your average tech solution; it’s a tailor-made, comprehensive solution crafted specifically for the Australian market. The software’s key features not only address existing pain points but also anticipate and prevent potential issues. By addressing the limitations of your outdated tools, Nexvia is perfect for those seeking efficiency, transparency and improved project outcomes. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, Nexvia ensures its platform addresses your specific pain points.

Understanding the key features of building management software is crucial to making an informed choice. From estimation and tenders to budget tracking, stock control, and real-time data and communication platforms, each feature plays an important role in addressing specific pain points in the construction industry. The top features to look for in a building management software, include:

Estimation + Tenders

Nexvia’s estimation and tender features empowers you to create accurate project estimates and streamline the tendering process. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in the bidding process.

Budget Tracking

With real-time monitoring of expenses and alerts for potential overruns, Nexvia’s budget tracking tools allow you to maintain tight control over your project finances. This feature is a cornerstone in ensuring financial transparency and control, effectively curtailing budget-related issues.

Stock Control

Efficient management of stock is essential to prevent shortages and overstock. Nexvia’s stock control feature ensures you have real-time insights into inventory levels, enabling strategic decision-making. The ability to set limits for reorder prevents disruptions in the supply chain, promoting a continuous workflow.

Real-time Data + Communication

The construction industry thrives on effective communication and access to real-time project data. Nexvia’s communication platforms provide a collaborative space for all project stakeholders, minimising miscommunication-related issues while improving overall project efficiency. Giving you immediate access to project updates and transparent communication also facilitates project predictability and success.

Go well beyond conventional project management with Nexvia's all-in-one platform

The benefits of using Nexvia go well beyond conventional project management. Thanks to its all-in-one platform, operations become more streamlined, making project outcomes more predictable. Teams enjoy improved collaboration, resulting in less waste, better accountability, fewer errors, and, as a result, faster project completion.

  1. Improved Project Efficiency: Real-time data and insights streamline project workflows, enabling you to identify and resolve issues promptly. This, in turn, enhances overall project efficiency.
  2. Better Risk Management: Proactive identification and mitigation of risks become possible with access to real-time data. This reduces the likelihood of costly setbacks, ensuring smoother project timelines.
  3. Enhanced Profitability: Data-driven decisions lead to more cost-effective resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenses and enhancing overall project profitability.
  4. Optimised Resource Allocation: Project managers can allocate resources more effectively, ensuring each task receives the right resources at the right time.

How Nexvia Helped Cinda Joinery Build for Success.

Cinda Joinery, known for crafting high-quality custom joinery and bespoke cabinetry, were grappling with project delays, miscommunication and a lack of real-time insights. Recognising the need for modern tools to navigate their projects more efficiently, they turned to Nexvia’s building management software.

With Nexvia in place, Cinda Joinery experienced tangible improvements in their day-to-day operations. The estimation tools empowered them to create precise project estimates, putting a halt to budget overruns. Real-time data tracking provided a comprehensive view of project timelines, ensuring efficient completion of tasks and milestones. And Nexvia’s communication platforms played a key role in minimising miscommunication, fostering seamless collaboration among Cinda Joinery’s project stakeholders.

In the words of Cinda Joinery’s Director, Ash Renison, “One of the best decisions we have made this year was working with Nexvia to build a system to help streamline our process! Thank you so much to the entire team!” 

On a further positive note – the ability to track and manage stock effectively allowed Cinder Joinery to set reorder limits, ensuring they never run out of crucial supplies. Mr Renison labelled the software’s role in Stock Control and Management, as the “biggest game changer.” 

This glowing testimonial vividly illustrates how Nexvia’s tailored solution and key features met Cinda Joinery’s unique needs, resulting in improved efficiency, project predictability and overall success.

Cinda Joinery Testimonial

Take the first step towards more informed, efficient, and profitable construction management

When it comes to finding the right building management software, you need to ensure its key features align with your specific set of challenges. In Australia, Nexvia stands out as the go-to choice, offering a comprehensive solution with tools designed especially for our local industry.

Think of Nexvia’s smart tools as your strategic ally – working with you to tackle the daily challenges you encounter. The smart software has been specifically designed to simplify the complexities of project management, offering features like precise estimations to help you plan projects accurately, and efficient budget tracking to ensure you stay on course financially. The platform’s communication tools facilitate collaboration among your stakeholders, and with real-time data access, you’re always in the know, so you can make informed decisions promptly. 

If you’d like to know more about why Nexvia is Australia’s preferred choice, reach out to our sales team for a free demo and take the first step towards more informed, efficient, and profitable construction management. Don’t let your construction projects be bound by outdated decision-making; unlock their full potential with Nexvia.

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