November 26, 2020

Empower + Nexvia

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Empower Construction + Nexvia

Empower Construction is the largest independent specialist in all aspects of external wall construction. Their business has grown substantially over the last decade. To help them manage that growth they were looking for a system that would improve productivity, save time and drive efficiencies across their business.

The challenge.

Reliant on manual processes and multiple systems to manage their operations, Empower Construction needed a solution that would streamline their operations and track all critical information in one place. As a steadily growing business, their goal was to simplify the way projects were managed and connect all key stakeholders. What they needed was a construction management solution that would support their growth and help drive efficiencies across all areas of their business to save time and money. 

The solution.

Nexvia has streamlined Empower’s tender, estimation, site and project management processes. Using a cloud-based system has enabled their team to manage and track multiple projects at a detailed level and support the business’s Australia-wide expansion. 

The details.

Before Empower Construction started using Nexvia they relied heavily on spreadsheets and multiple systems to manage different parts of their operations. Without a central hub to store their critical data it was difficult for the team to make fast, smart decisions to improve their project outcomes. They also lacked the visibility they needed to effectively track their project’s progress and profitability. 

Finding the right construction management software

Empower Construction decided they needed to implement a construction management solution that would help improve both their office and site processes. After doing their due diligence and reviewing many leading construction management solutions the team finally met with Nexvia. After attending a one-on-one demonstration, the team were impressed with what Nexvia could do and believed it was a good fit for their business. They liked that the software was easy-to-use and had a range of tools that would save them time on jobs. 

The management team also liked that Nexvia was a local business with a local support team that could be easily contacted whenever they needed. Knowing they would have access to an in-depth training and implementation process – and receive ongoing support from people they knew – was a major deciding factor. 

Onboarding process and implementation

The Empower Construction team knew that choosing the right software alone wouldn’t guarantee success. From the very beginning they dedicated time and resources to thorough implementation and staff training to facilitate the software’s integration into their business. They provided valuable feedback to the Nexvia team to help refine the software so they could get the most out of it and solve their key pain points. This collaborative approach ensured the onboarding process went smoothly and the company wide roll-out was accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Overall the onboarding process took six months and by the time it was completed all staff had the right skills to use the software. While it’s always challenging to get everyone’s buy-in, once the software was live, the time-savings and efficiencies facilitated by Nexvia became obvious. 

What’s the ROI? Improved business performance and project outcomes 

While Empower Construction has been doing business successfully for over 10 years they believe Nexvia has helped to speed-up their growth and improve their bottom-line. The platform’s financial tools have given their team greater insights into their projects and allowed them to take advantage of their full profit potential. The ability to closely track costs on a job-by-job basis has alleviated a lot of money wastage and allowed them to take on more work in more locations. 

By prioritising training, and investing time and resources into the onboarding process, they have ensured their staff are productive and proficient users of the software from the get-go. This commitment has allowed Empower Construction to realise the full value of their software investment and accomplish many of their business goals, in a short time frame.

By connecting all parts of their business on one platform, the Empower Construction team has improved their processes from start to finish. With one centralised hub they now have better communication and collaboration between all key stakeholders. By automating many manual tasks, they’ve saved time, reduced the number of costly human errors and eliminated double-handling. Providing full project visibility, Nexvia has also helped the Empower Construction team refine their systems and deliver more consistent and profitable project outcomes. 

Although the software is now a fully-integrated part of the Empower Construction business, their team continues to work closely with Nexvia. Always striving to improve and find better ways of doing things, Empower Construction regularly provides feedback and volunteers to try new software features and tools. This not only helps Nexvia improve our product, it also ensures the software continues to perform at the highest level for Empower’s business and to grow alongside them. 

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