February 19, 2020

See the big picture: connecting all parts of your business

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Connecting all parts of your business

If all areas of your business aren’t seamlessly connected, you’re doing it wrong.

Running a construction company is not for the faint-hearted. There’s the day-to-day business and financial operations. Then there’s the safety regulations, insurance and licensing, employee hiring and support, training, and client management. Maybe you’re also running multiple offices or a manufacturing facility. Not forgetting the construction projects themselves which are often complex and challenging. 

With so much at stake, and so much to manage, it’s no wonder the industry is full of apps and software solutions claiming to make your life easier and your business run better. But what should you invest in? And why is an all-in-one software solution better than buying individual solutions? 

The problem, in a nutshell.

If you’ve already done your research you’ll know there’s a software solution out there for every corner of your business. You might’ve already invested in some tools already. An accounting package for your finance team. An estimating program, timesheets app, project management solution, scheduling and workflows software, payroll program, resourcing tool…the list goes on. 

While all of these tools work great individually, none of them actually talk to each other. Meaning you have to manually re-enter or transfer information between them. Before you know it, you’re juggling 10 different, unconnected, systems. 

And that’s not even the worst part. Your company’s data is all over the place – making it hard to manage and review – and you’re losing time and productivity trying to run each app properly. The bottom line? You’re actually no better off than you were before you purchased them. 

Now you’re losing time and money.

There’s no doubt these tools are needed to help run your operations. However, grappling with data from multiple apps – on top of your huge workload – is inefficient and costs you time and money. Some of the biggest issues faced are:

  • Isolated data: Manually transferring data across multiple platforms costs you time and leads to critical information falling through the cracks.
  • Double-entry: Time lost on double-entry means outdated information is relied on to make critical decisions. This can lead to bad judgement calls, forcing teams to re-do work and costing you money.
  • IT spend: Having to maintain multiple apps requires a lot of tech support. This money is better invested back into your construction operations.

With all your information stored in separate silos it’s easy to miss critical information, blow budgets and timelines, and inevitably, let down your clients. In an industry where word-of-mouth matters, that means you’re probably damaging your company’s hard earned reputation.

The problem, solved.

If you’ve invested in a number of different apps that don’t communicate with one another and can’t share information across the same platform, your business is handicapped. 

What’s the solution? 

A cloud-based, centralised software solution, that integrates all your business’s necessary project management and operational tools in one place. 

You’ll still get all the advantages of your individual apps, but in one unified platform. You can keep your projects on-track, simplify your operations and store all your critical data, in the same secure location.  

Having a single, fully-integrated, system means all your important data can be freely shared between your site and office teams. And by eradicating the inefficiencies of manually running multiple apps you’ll boost your team’s productivity and lower your operational costs. 

What does ‘all-in-one’ software actually mean?

An all-in-one solution provides tools for managing the full construction lifecycle:

  • Estimating & tendering
  • Production
  • Quality & safety
  • Sales CRM
  • Operational tools
  • Contractor & Client Portals
  • Project Management

By putting an all-in-one solution in place your business will achieve complete connectivity: one centralised platform linking all stakeholders together at every critical stage. Even better if it can also seamlessly integrate with other leading platforms such as XERO, Quickbooks or MYOB.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking to improve your business’s efficiencies, simplify your operations, gain greater financial control and achieve strategic foresight – a cloud-based, all-in-one solution, could be for you.

Get in touch with our team today to Request a Demo and find out more about Nexvia’s full suite of project management and operational tools.

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