July 15, 2020

Make life easier with Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite or MYOB integration

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Make life easier with Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite or MYOB integration

Start the new financial year the right way! Simplify your project finances with our seamless accounting integrations. 

Finances are at the core of every business’s success: how you make money, spend money, and forecast for the future. Yet, they can often be a hassle to manage – particularly on the job site. When your teams are busy running projects and managing clients it’s all too easy to lose track of costs and blow your budgets. 

You want your teams focusing on construction – not administrative work. That’s why a project management system that integrates with your accounting software is so valuable. 

Here are the top four ways Nexvia’s accounting integration can simplify your project finances and make life easier. 

1) No more double data entry

In our industry, time is money. So, if your teams are wasting time entering the same details across two platforms, it’s costing you money.

Accounts integration allows you to easily link your stored client and supplier details in Nexvia with those in your accounting platform – whether you’re using Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite or MYOB

Once an invoice or bill has been completed in Nexvia, it can be pushed to your account platform, ready to receive or make a payment. By syncing both platforms, Nexvia can also retrieve the details of payments received and report any outstanding amounts.

Not only does this mean no more double-entry, it also means all your critical financial and project information is stored on the same platform. Win-win!

2) Automatically sync between platforms

Managing multiple systems is time-consuming and risky. Information can easily fall through the cracks and manually transferring data can lead to mistakes. You can streamline this step by making this process automated instead. 

By syncing Nexvia with your accounting platform you can quickly transfer project-specific financial information such as bills, invoices, contractor & client credit notes, contacts, tax rates, employees, rates of pay, timesheets and more. You can also automatically generate customer invoices from scheduled payments and generate payables from approved purchase orders. Automated processes like these mean fewer mistakes and potential cost savings!

3) Track your costs in one place

No more switching between your project management system and accounting platform when you need to check client invoices or job costs. With a few clicks, you and your team can view all project-specific financial information, in real-time (more on that below!), without leaving the Nexvia app. Efficient, accurate, streamlined and a cinch to use. What more could you want?

4) Real-time information, wherever you are

With real-time cost tracking you can see exactly how your jobs are progressing, wherever you are. In our fast-paced industry it’s never been more important to have up-to-date information ready at your fingertips. Nexvia’s accounting integration helps you stay in control and make better decisions based on live project data. Delivering complete project visibility, this tool makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your books and know exactly where your business stands. 

A powerful partnership

The success of a project depends on many factors. Managing resources, tracking progress and keeping on top of budgets all require effective and efficient project management. With a smart cloud-based project management system like Nexvia – together with your smart accounting platform – all of these tasks can be done better and easier. Whether you want to streamline work-flows, automate processes, eradicate paperwork or have more time to focus on shaping and growing your business – the benefits are endless! 

Talk to the Nexvia team today at 1300 942 399 or Request a Demo to find out how our software’s accounting integration can help save your business time and money.

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