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Used by Australia and New Zealand’s leading construction and trade businesses, Nexvia reduces risk and increases efficiency by connecting your project team through one centralised platform.


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Live Dashboards & Reporting

See real-time data and project updates at a glance.

Estimation & Tenders

Use smart tendering + estimation tools for faster and more accurate pricing.

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Avoid costly errors with accurate, real-time budget tracking + forecasting.

Project Management

Make smarter decisions with easy-to-use tools to manage every aspect of your project.

On Site Management

On Site Management

Connect the site to the office with live time tracking, safety and QA tools.

Material Management

Take control of stock movement with easy-to-use Inventory Libraries.

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Our project management software helps streamline your processes, manage contractors & clients, and connects all crucial parties in one easy-to-use platform.


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Our project management software helps streamline your processes, manage contractors & clients, and connects all crucial parties in one easy-to-use platform.




Construction management software is a general term for software that is designed to help companies manage their projects, stakeholders and processes more efficiently. By acting as a centralised platform, it enables seamless collaboration and information sharing among all key parties. Nexvia is an end-to-end construction management software tailored for residential, fitout, manufacturing/production and specialty contractors/commercial trades in Australia and New Zealand. The software provides a comprehensive suite of modules, including tender and estimation, project management, production management and sales/lead management. These modules automate and streamline tasks while connecting workflows and data across your business, improving team efficiency and productivity. As a cloud-based solution, Nexvia improves collaboration, offers better visibility into project progress and costs and ensures easy access to data from wherever you are in the world. It also includes a contractor/client portal that fosters communication among all stakeholders, providing transparency and visibility at every project stage, ultimately leading to more successful project outcomes.
Nexvia’s commercial construction management software is designed specifically for Residential, Fitout, Manufacturing/Production, and Specialty Contractors/Commercial Trades in Australia and New Zealand, looking to improve efficiency, increase transparency and deliver better projects. As construction technology specialists with extensive industry experience, Nexvia understands the unique needs of local construction companies and the regulatory framework in which they operate. Our comprehensive software centralises and streamlines multiple facets of tendering, site management, production management and project management processes into one platform, reducing risk and increasing profitability. Whether you’re a residential builder, a commercial contractor, or involved in manufacturing, Nexvia’s versatile platform empowers your team to collaborate more effectively, make data-driven decisions and maintain control over every aspect of your projects. Our intuitive platform enhances productivity by simplifying workflows, automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time insights so you can make informed decisions quickly, driving business growth and fostering better client satisfaction.
Nexvia’s cloud-based construction project management software provides a comprehensive solution that empowers you to manage every aspect of your project effectively. By offering an extensive suite of tools covering pre-construction, project management and budget control, our software improves efficiency and boosts profitability. These tools streamline processes, enhance transparency and ultimately help drive your bottom-line. With live budget tracking and comprehensive variation and defect management features, you gain full visibility over your project’s finances. Our software allows you to identify potential issues before they escalate, preventing costly delays and unnecessary expenses. Contractors in Australia and New Zealand can effortlessly oversee project details and budgeting, minimising oversights and reducing complications that could impact project schedules. Clear communication and seamless collaboration are at the heart of our platform. By connecting the office to the site, our cloud-based software centralises all communications and keeps stakeholders informed. Our staff, client and contractor portals ensure project transparency from start to finish, fostering a cohesive working environment. Moreover, our local support team, based in Australia and New Zealand, is dedicated to providing you with tailored assistance and expertise. Finally, Nexvia also integrates seamlessly with other construction, project and accounting software like MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero, thanks to our strong partnerships with leading technology companies.
Nexvia’s Project Management Software provides a streamlined, cloud-based platform that optimises your entire construction process from planning to completion. It centralises project data, simplifying resource allocation, scheduling and cost management, giving you complete control over your projects. With real-time insights, you can closely monitor timelines and budgets, ensuring your projects stay on track and within budget. The software improves collaboration between teams, subcontractors and clients through seamless communication tools, reducing miscommunication and ensuring project alignment. This means smoother workflows and a unified approach to project execution, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, Nexvia’s advanced financial management capabilities offer detailed forecasting and budgeting, providing you with the financial control needed to minimise risks and maximise profitability. Quality control features uphold high construction standards, ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance and safety requirements. By integrating these powerful features into one comprehensive solution, Nexvia empowers you to deliver projects efficiently and effectively. The result is greater client satisfaction, enhanced business success, and the confidence that comes from knowing your projects are always on track. Nexvia’s Project Management Software is the key to streamlined construction management, offering you the tools and insights to achieve seamless project delivery from start to finish.
Nexvia’s Construction Software is designed to meet the diverse needs of construction professionals, from specialty contractors and project managers to residential builders and commercial developers. Whether you’re part of a small-to-mid-sized firm or a large-scale construction company, Nexvia offers an intuitive platform that simplifies your workflow. Its user-friendly interface is ideal for contractors managing multiple projects, providing robust features such as job scheduling, quoting and budgeting. Specialty contractors in fields like electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other trades will find Nexvia invaluable for streamlining workflows, ensuring precision in quoting and invoicing. Residential and commercial builders benefit from comprehensive project management and resource allocation tools, empowering them to efficiently oversee even the most complex projects. Regardless of project size or complexity, Nexvia’s cloud-based platform offers you real-time visibility, enabling seamless organisation and compliance management. With Nexvia, you can deliver projects on-time and within budget while maximising efficiency and profitability. By providing a clear view of your project’s progress and financial status, Nexvia empowers you to stay organised, maintain compliance and confidently deliver high-quality projects that enhance client satisfaction and business growth.
Nexvia’s Construction Software offers comprehensive benefits by centralising all critical aspects of your construction projects onto a single platform. Its smart project management tools simplify planning and scheduling, ensuring seamless workflow execution. The software’s financial management features, including real-time budget tracking and forecasting, provide unparalleled financial control, reducing the risk of cost overruns. The collaborative features streamline communication among project stakeholders, fostering transparency and reducing errors. Your teams can effortlessly share updates, documents and feedback, keeping clients informed and engaged throughout the project. Quality control features uphold construction standards and regulatory compliance, delivering safe and durable structures every time. Moreover, the cloud-based platform ensures accessibility from any device, enabling your teams to work efficiently both on-site and off-site. By providing end-to-end project visibility, Nexvia empowers you to deliver high-quality projects while improving client satisfaction, efficiency and profitability. With Nexvia’s Construction Software, you gain the tools to enhance collaboration, financial management and quality control, allowing you to streamline your workflows and achieve seamless project delivery.
Nexvia’s Construction Management Software is designed for versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of projects within the construction sector. From individual custom homes and luxury residences to large-scale commercial developments and multi-unit complexes, the software adapts to the specific requirements of each project type. The benefits extend to all construction sectors, though different tools will be more valued or utilised by various groups based on their specific needs. For instance, home builders will appreciate the precise project management tools that align construction with client specifications, ensuring timely and on-budget delivery. Large-scale residential and commercial developments benefit from its advanced scheduling and resource allocation features, managing multiple construction phases efficiently. Specialty contractors in fields like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing will find it invaluable for managing complex logistics and collaborating with other trades. Whether a project involves new construction, renovations, or extensions, Nexvia’s platform provides the tools needed to ensure smooth project execution, effective communication, and strict adherence to safety and compliance standards.
Nexvia’s Construction Project Management Software empowers business owners by providing unparalleled visibility and control over their projects. With its cloud-based platform, business owners can monitor project progress, budgets, and timelines in real-time, ensuring that projects remain on schedule and within financial targets. This centralised oversight helps identify potential risks early, enabling proactive adjustments and reducing costly delays. The software’s advanced financial management tools deliver detailed insights into project costs and profitability, helping business owners make informed decisions and optimise resource allocation. Collaborative features improve communication between teams, subcontractors, and clients, reducing miscommunication and fostering client trust through transparency. Furthermore, Nexvia’s quality control and compliance modules ensure adherence to the highest construction standards and regulatory requirements, minimising legal risks. By streamlining workflows and automating administrative tasks, Nexvia enables construction business owners to focus on strategic growth while improving project efficiency and client satisfaction.
Nexvia’s Construction Management Software is a versatile and adaptable solution that caters to a wide range of construction projects. Its comprehensive set of features is designed to flexibly adjust to the unique demands of various project types, providing value across the board. Custom home builders can seamlessly align their projects with unique client preferences, thanks to detailed project planning tools. Large-scale commercial developers can easily manage complex, multi-phase projects with advanced scheduling, resource management and budgeting features. Specialty contractors, in fields such as electrical, HVAC and plumbing, can streamline workflows and coordinate efficiently with other trades. The software’s adaptability also shines in managing multi-trade projects, such as commercial fit-outs, multi-unit residential complexes and industrial facilities, by offering a centralised platform that fosters collaboration and communication. Even renovation and extension projects, often challenged by unique integration requirements, benefit from Nexvia’s flexible tools, ensuring seamless coordination between new and existing structures. In summary, Nexvia’s Construction Management Software stands out as an adaptable and versatile solution that empowers you to deliver efficient project management and achieve successful outcomes across all types of construction projects. Its features are designed to adapt to your specific needs, ensuring streamlined workflows and project success every time.

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