Construction Site Management Software

Connecting the site to the office.

Get better project insights with our cloud-based site and field tools. Sync core information between Nexvia’s portals and the mobile application.

Mobile team management

Keep track of your team on-site

Use the mobile app to easily track project hours and who is on-site.

  • Complete real-time time-tracking or manual timesheets
  • Track on-site personnel with the site register
  • QR code to track contractor hours against a project

Quality assurance

Make sure your projects are up to scratch

A set of tools that make it simple to produce high-quality outcomes

  • Update, create or sign off defects from site
  • Sync photos and videos back to the office
  • On-site instillation checks for quality assurance

Project transparency

One app to keep projects on track

View and record key information for project visibility

  • Create and track requests for materials, equipment, labour or variations
  • Staff can access the project schedule to see where they are allocated
  • Manage on-site deliveries and load lists

Site safety

Make site safety simple and accessible

Nexvia’s mobile app makes it easy to uphold safety standards

  • Fast on-site safety audits for each project
  • Quickly submit incident reports from the mobile app
  • Safety documents and site inductions at your finger tips

What our customers have to say

“All of our site guys run on the Nexvia mobile app which has made time tracking a lot better. We used to have all handwritten time sheets – that’s all gone now. Also the ability for the site guys to upload photos has saved a lot of hours.”

– Andrew Barrett, Owner, Barrett Group

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