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Improve the efficiency of your business management and financial management with convenient CRM & operational tools.

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Take control of your project processes.

One of Australia’s most innovative construction ERP systems, Orbis Pro combines customer relationship management and document management in one easy-to-use system.


Use estimating tools to get projects ready for tendering.


Manage your project development even from the office.


Remotely connect with contractors & clients in one place.


Receive real-time, project specific production updates.


Maximise work flow operations using integrated CRM tools.

Our Project Management System

Estimating & Tendering

From early cost studies through to the generation of budgets for tenders, Orbis Pro takes the hard work out of your estimating and tendering process. Accurate estimating can improve your profitability and ultimately keep your business in business. In order to achieve accurate estimating, you need logical and efficient processes in place.

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As technology advances, the construction industry is welcoming new estimating and tendering methods that can maximise efficiency, minimise risk, and improve profitability. This is where Orbis Pro comes in. Orbis Pro makes it easier than ever to stay across your company’s projects. With our simple, real-time estimating and tendering, you can create comprehensive estimates and budgets, select rated and local contractors, send and track tender invitations, and more.

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Tools available:

  • Quickly generate estimates & budgets
  • Formulate quick & easy scope of works
  • Send & track tender invitations
  • Tender comparison tools
  • Historical library data of fixtures & services
  • Build & compare quotes in an easy format
  • Estimate approval controls

Project Management

Project management involves more than just keeping an eye on payments and workflows. From communicating with contractors and vendors to making sure your crew is working to schedule, construction project management can be overwhelming. Luckily, we have a solution to make things easier.

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The Orbis Pro Project Management feature takes the stress out of managing your construction projects so you can look forward to improved accuracy, productivity, and efficiency for your business. Keep track of your projects and take control with confidence thanks to the Orbis Pro Project Management feature.

Tools available:

  • Live budget tracking
  • Document register and sharing
  • Workflows and schedules
  • Email reminders & task alerts
  • OH&S, time tracking & site questions
  • Shared portals for staff, clients, contractors
  • Variation & Defect management
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Contractor & Client Portal

Facilitate transparency and trust with your contractors and clients with the Orbis Pro Contractor and Client Portal feature. With easy 24/7 accessibility, our Contractor and Client Portal feature encourages improved communication, increased efficiency, and maximised customer relationships.

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Maintaining communication with customers while managing a construction project can be overwhelming. Orbis Pro makes it easier than ever to stay connected on one platform, giving your contractors and clients access to every detail throughout each project stage. The Orbis Pro Contractor and Client Portal feature has everything you need to create transparent workflows and improve efficiency for your business and your customers.

Contractor communication software

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Tools available:

  • Real-time, online project tracking
  • Generate detailed client project reports
  • Automatically track RFI’s at every stage
  • Create transparent work flows
  • Share project schedules
  • Generate, approve & implement variations
  • Request service work for warranty items

Field Management

Take control of your factory planning and scheduling with the Orbis Pro Factory Management feature. From stock management and quality assurance to payroll and OH&S, the real-time Factory Management feature has everything you need to increase project visibility and manage risk across your factories.

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The Orbis Pro Factory Management feature is designed to take the hard work out of managing your factories, streamlining processes to increase efficiency and reduce risk for your business.

Tools available:

  • Time Tracking
  • Factory floor portals
  • Stock management system
  • Email reminders & task alerts
  • Record job hours & stock
  • Quality assurance
  • Track job progress & extent of works
  • Time sheets & payroll exports
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Sales CRM & Operational Tools

Maintain positive customer relationships with the Orbis Pro CRM and Operational Tools feature. This customer relationship management software supports your business in providing smart customer solutions.

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Managing customer relationships is key to the success of your business. The Orbis Pro CRM and Operational Tools feature allows you to effectively understand and meet your customers’ needs and maintain their satisfaction from beginning to end. This can lead to higher customer retention rates and a healthier bottom line for your business. Look after your customers with the Orbis Pro CRM and Operational Tools feature.

Operations and CRM on mobile devices

Tools available:

  • Customer Relationship Management system
  • Sales reporting dashboard
  • Tracking project margins and performance
  • Milestone management
  • Resource management
  • Tender approvals
  • Invoice approval management

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