Who are Nexvia?

We are an Australian technology company who have been developing building and construction software for over 12 years. During that period we partnered with a growing construction business which continued to drive the development of the Orbis Pro platform.

From first-hand experience our founders knew there was no single software product on the market that could help construction companies streamline their processes from beginning to end, add value to, and connect all critical parties – in one unique place.

What we wanted was to develop technology that solved real everyday problems faced by people in the construction services industries. With a vision of creating a platform to link together builders, trades, contractors, clients & manufacturers as well as separate systems and processes, Orbis Pro was born.

About Orbis Pro

Our goal for Orbis Pro was simple: create an all-encompassing software package to streamline the building process. That meant developing tools to simplify every part of the project cycle. Now in its 12th year, with integrated staff, trade and client portals, Orbis Pro allows you to link all parts of your business together in one centralised place.

You can ensure every piece of critical information is tracked and stored, view real-time data, control multiple projects anywhere in the world, enjoy instant communication and provide visibility and accountability through every department and stage of operation.

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Our Team

We’re focused on building the best solutions to help your business drive efficiencies, improve your customer & contractor relationships and achieve better financial success.

Cameron Blacker


Magnum Pinnock

Systems Consultant

Andy Williams

Software Team Leader

Don Shingles

Senior Systems Analyst

Phil Higgins

System Administrator

Emma McCarthy

Systems Support Officer

Colin Beschorner

Financial Controller

Shakila Hand

Marketing Manager

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